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Formed in Early 2003 by lead vocalist and occasional guitarist "Reverend Scott" ( Scott Braden Schwartz ), Samsarra will soon see a full decade in existence. Samsarra continue to evolve through albums and line-up changes, both expanding and focusing a relatively unique approach to modern metal.
Spawned on the sun-drenched shores of Santa Barbara, California, Samsarra has spread across the globe, due to Reverend Scott's travels and acoustic shows around the world and the support of many thousands of wonderful people.
The first two releases, "Savor The Taste"- 2004 and "The Unbeliever"- 2008 are available as free digital downloads here on The Official Site: www.samsarra.com including all of the legendary Argintinian artist Valgorth's amazing art (www.hammerblaze.com).
Samsarra's third album, "Coming Forh By Day" was released in January 2012.
Digital copies are available here:
And physical copies are available here:

This third release should see Samsarra's global presence increasing, with fresh material assaulting the airwaves through the many local radio and international internet stations that already have Samsarra in rotation. Reverend Scott continues to wander the world and hopes to meet you all.

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